Three hands toasting with different Gong cha bubble tea drinks.

Get in with the Leading Global Bubble Tea Brand

Opportunities for master franchisees and sub-franchisees are currently available in multiple markets.

Master Franchisee Opportunity

Own your own territory, lead your sub-franchisees and command the bubble tea field in your market.

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Sub-Franchisee Opportunity

Bring the fun of bubble tea to your community with one or more Gong cha bubble tea franchises.

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Two Gong cha teas, one hot and one iced, with clear and black tapioca pearls on top.

The Bubble Tea Experience


There’s nothing quite like popping your straw into a tasty bubble tea.


More than 600 possible drink options for guests to experience something new every time they visit.


Younger consumers can’t get enough of this premium drink.

A Fast-Growing Industry

Bubble tea is the drink sensation that’s taken the beverage world by storm. It’s currently a $2 billion industry and is expected to hit $4.3 billion worldwide by 2027.* Gong cha has been instrumental in helping this fan-favorite fare sweep across the world.

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A overhead shot of a tea kettle, hot tea and herbs on a wooden table.

Gong cha Mixes Authenticity with a Modern Business Model

The global appeal of Gong cha can be traced back to our start as a local brand in Taiwan—the birthplace of bubble tea. We began innovating from day one, originating the milk foam tea phenomenon and turning bubble tea into a well-loved treat.

Today, we’ve taken those traditional techniques worldwide through enhanced quality controls, a well-established supply chain and premium bubble tea. With Gong cha, you get the perfect mix of classic bubble tea experience within a modern franchising model.

Delivering the Benefits You Deserve

Gong cha offers exciting benefits that stand out from other QSR concepts. Our established global presence gives you an edge against local competitors and our premium products make a splash with guests who crave a higher quality bubble tea.

  • Expert Training

    You’ll receive training and support from the worldwide network of Gong cha bubble tea masters.

  • Premium Products

    Your franchise will serve a better bubble tea, handcrafted from the finest ingredients on Earth.

  • Diverse Demographic Groups

    Your stores will attract families, students, Millennials, Gen Z and everyone else who enjoys delicious drinks.

Hear it From a Master

“Having the recognition of an international and national presence, being one of the world’s largest bubble tea franchises, having this whole team by your side, it’s so important. People recognize our fresher, better product and it makes a difference.

Anchal Lamba
U.S. Master Franchisee

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