3 Traits of Our Bubble Tea Franchise Owners

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At Gong cha, our franchise owners are passionate about serving others and proud to be leaders in a growing industry. We’re looking for franchise owners who want to take advantage of our bubble tea franchise’s global appeal and love going the extra mile for guests. Keep on reading to learn more about the main traits of a bubble tea franchise owner and find out if you’re ready to join Gong cha in leading this burgeoning industry.


Although you can expect the team at Gong cha to provide exceptional support and guidance throughout your franchise journey with us, many of our franchise owners come to us with experience in marketing or sales. The experience they have in these areas often provides the strong foundation they need to really propel their drink business forward, and reach members of their community.

Of course, Gong cha also brings a lot to the table. To set you on the right path, we’ll provide training, assist you in promoting your business, give you the tools you need to keep guests engaged, and ensure your Gong cha location is always stocked with the premium ingredients guests expect when they visit your bubble tea franchise.


Gong cha started back in the early 2000s, playing an essential role in the bubble tea explosion. We’ve been committed to consistent quality from the beginning and we expect our franchise owners to be just as passionate as we are about delivering a better bubble tea experience to everyone they serve. Our franchise owners’ top priority are the guests they serve, which is how we’ve cultivated a brand that is known for top-notch service and refreshing, delicious drinks. When you’re passionate about what you do, everything else falls into place.


As a franchise owner with Gong cha, people will be your number one asset. From effectively leading a team to ensuring your guests can’t get enough of the incredible, customizable beverages you serve, it’s important to have people skills to run your drink business. Visiting a Gong cha is about more than serving premium bubble tea – it’s about creating an experience for your guests, including how they are treated.

Moreover, having strong people skills will also come in handy when it comes to networking, which can help get the word out about your bubble tea business.


If you think you’re ready to join us as a leader in the rapidly growing bubble tea industry, Gong cha wants to hear from you! We’re looking for franchise owners who embody these traits and have the drive to build a thriving drink business. Schedule a call with our team today to request more information about opening a Gong cha franchise, so you can get started on the process!

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