How Gong cha Attracts Millennial and Gen Z Guests

Image of millennial and gen z guests standing in line at a Gong cha store

Attracting and keeping the attention of younger generations is easier with Gong cha at your side. As a drink franchise owner with us, we’ll show you three key ways we get millennial and gen z guests in the door and happy to come back. Keep reading to learn more!


Drinking bubble tea is a great experience, and sharing it with others is even better. At Gong cha, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful cups of premium bubble tea that our guests want to enjoy with their friends both in person and online. Our creative teas and delicious flavors help attract millennial and gen z guests who are looking for something that can satisfy their bubble tea craving and social media followers at the same time.

Not only do our beautiful drinks satiate our guests’ desire for sharing bubble tea with others, but they can help promote your location, too. When millennial and gen z guests post their drink photos on social media, they can tag your Gong cha store. That way, their followers can see where they got the delicious drink and come try it for themselves. This passive marketing technique is an excellent opportunity to bring other millennial and gen z guests into your drink franchise and keep the social media cycle going.


Younger generations are paying closer attention to what foods they consume, and many are developing eating habits or making lifestyle choices that cut out certain foods. Those who are lactose intolerant or dairy free, for example, may actively seek out restaurants and drink franchises that cater to their dietary preferences.

At Gong cha, we take the needs of our guests seriously, and we want everyone to feel welcome at our bubble tea stores. This is why your tea business can be equipped with premium drink options that meet and exceed these needs. With many diet-conscious options, you can be a go-to drinks destination for millennial and gen z guests in your territory.


Keep things fresh at your Gong cha store location by offering millennial and gen z guests innovative products all year round. Some guests will always go for their tried-and-true favorites, but we like to keep some of the drinks on rotation and offer new options to keep things interesting. From seasonal flavors to creative holiday concoctions, we’ve got something to catch the eye of guests every month of the year.

As a tea business owner, you also have access to promotional materials and signage that can help your location attract attention from millennial and gen z guests passing by the store. We even have a variety of display items that can be used for social media content by guests. Together, we can help promote your Gong cha store to younger generations and keep them stopping by for the newest bubble tea drink.


Learn how to connect with the millennial and gen z guests in your territory by talking with our franchise team. We’re here to help you discover more marketing tactics and narrow down your territory options. Get in touch with our team today to get the conversation started.

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