How Gong Cha’s History of Authenticity Helps Your Franchise Stand Out

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Gong cha began in Taiwan where we played an instrumental role in sparking the first bubble tea boom in 2006. Our history of authenticity and deep commitment to using the finest ingredients to produce high quality products guests crave is how we’ve established ourselves as a natural leader in this rapidly growing market. When guests visit your tea franchise, they’ll be able to taste the difference and keep coming back to experience the vast range of options the Gong cha menu provides. Keep reading to learn more about how our history of authenticity can help you stand out!


The key to Gong cha’s growing power throughout the years has been our ability to maintain consistently premium quality from day one. Guests associate our name with a better, more authentic bubble tea experience, which is how we’ve managed to expand into 20 countries and grown to more than 1,650 locations without any signs of slowing down.

We use premium teas sourced from the finest tea estates in Asia and, to ensure excellence, our corporate HQ houses a world-renowned quality control lab. Moreover, all of our locations brew tea every four hours, so your guests can always expect the freshest and most vibrant flavors. As a franchisee with us, you can benefit from our reputation and history as a premium brand.


While Gong cha is known for serving premium bubble tea with tradition and authenticity in mind, we’re also industry innovators who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Part of what helps our tea franchise stand out is our eagerness to push boundaries and ability to blend classic flavors and concepts with fresh, new ideas. When guests visit your Gong cha location, they’ll have more than 600 possible drink combinations to choose from, which means they’ll always be able to try something new.

Additionally, Gong cha provides seasonal menus designed to create year-round excitement from loyal guests who look forward to trying new flavors and creating new drink combinations for their tastebuds to enjoy. Our ability to merge both traditional and innovative concepts and flavors is why our tea franchise has such vast appeal and how you’ll be able to stand out in the industry when you choose to partner up with us.


The bubble tea industry is booming and younger crowds are particularly driving the demand for these delicious treats. As a franchisee with Gong cha, you can take advantage of our premium brand, high-quality products, and the Instagrammable aesthetics of our presentation. We’re looking for individuals with the drive, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit required to grow a thriving tea franchise, so if you think you’re ready to join us, we want to hear from you! Schedule a call with our team today to request more information, so you can get started on opening a Gong cha location.

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