How Our Five Values Help Us Stand Out in the Industry

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Like our premium products, Gong cha has been standing out in the industry for decades. Our proven business model, satisfied guests, and thriving community of drink franchise owners are all thanks to our five values. Keep reading to learn about each of our values and how we continue to grow worldwide because of them.


At Gong cha, nothing is more important to our bubble tea business reputation than our premium quality. The superior taste of our products is what has helped us build a strong reputation as the world leader in bubble tea, and we’re proud to uphold that with every drink we make for our guests.

From tea production and cultivation to fermentation and purification, our Gong cha team make sure we are providing the best ingredients to drink franchise owners like you. Quality makes for the most delicious, premium bubble tea, and it helps you attract guests from all over your territory because they know the value of your products.


Our integrity shines through in our tea production process, and every Gong cha tea master is committed to making the best ingredients for your store. We enjoy knowing that from the very beginning, we’re creating and offering bubble tea that’s the best on the market.

That’s why we recipes easy for our drink franchise owners. This helps you stay on track, and it helps ensure all our products across the world are infused with the same premium taste that our guests crave.


At Gong cha, we aren’t afraid to shake things up. We aspire to inspire and make the ordinary extraordinary. That’s why bubble tea locations like yours offer unique takes on traditional drinks and why we continue to innovate with new ideas regularly.

Your guests will never be bored with your bubble tea, either. With seasonal drinks and holiday concoctions, there’s something for everyone. Together, this value offers new products to your territory and pushes us to continue creating better, tastier drinks for everyone.


Our products are what bring your guests into the store, and it’s your hospitality that makes them feel welcome to come back. Respect for our guests and bubble tea teams is a key value for Gong cha because we believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and integrity.

We infuse this mentality into bubble tea business owners like you, who in turn bring this warm gratitude to your own teams and guests. It helps bond us as a franchise family and make each guest across the world feel at home in our stores.


We lead the bubble tea industry with a vision that positively influences our communities everywhere. Drink franchise owners like you help us spread the culture of warmth to guests in all nations and walks of life, and we look forward to continuing to establish empathy and go-to bubble tea stores on every block.


Gong cha is looking for more bubble tea business owners like you to help us share these values with more tea-craving communities around the world. Ready to join us? Contact our franchise team today to claim your territory.

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