Ariel photo of a Gong cha store surrounded by customers

How to Attract Customers with a Bubble Tea Franchise

Opening your own bubble tea franchise can be intimidating—from selecting a location and building the foundation to flinging open the doors and serving guests. Before you even begin to break ground, though, it’s important to know how your target customer base will respond to your franchise.

How can you make sure your store gains traction with the surrounding community? Look for these three features that make bubble tea franchise owners with Gong cha excited and confident in their ability to attract and maintain guests.

A Mix of Authentic and Modern

Rather than attempting to sell ordinary bubble tea products, look for franchise opportunities that have one-of-a-kind bubble tea that stands out. It’s important to let your products speak for themselves and keep guests coming back for the authentic yet modern experience. Guests are always on the lookout for new things to try, and Gong cha delivers with incredible bubble tea options.

At Gong cha, we’ve pioneered a bubble tea that marries the past with the future. Starting out as a single local brand in Taiwan, we created a new market from our original milk foam tea into over six hundred different bubble tea options. It was important for us to honor our authentic roots while bringing something new to the table that our franchise owners and clients could enjoy. When you franchise with Gong cha, you have direct access to the top bubble tea options and can attract guests who crave a new taste and experience.

Strong Presence Around the World

One of the easiest ways to expand your customer base is to simply go where the people are. That means stepping outside of the mom-and-pop realm and seeking out bubble tea franchise opportunities that are international. This way, your franchise already has experience serving people around the world and is primed to get you started with your own.

Gong cha is a brand that’s known across twenty countries and has over 1,500 locations. We help our master and sub franchisees seek out highly trafficked areas to help them maximize their store’s guest count each day. We’ve also been in the business for some time, so we’ll help train you on how to make the most of our strong, international brand and keep your guests coming back.

Premium Products for Everyone

When selecting a bubble tea franchise, make sure there are options for every guest. If your options are too limited, it can be difficult to tap into a wide enough market and bring in guests regularly. Gong cha helps its franchise owners keep things interesting with over six hundred customizable drink combinations, so everyone can try something new and find a bubble tea they love.

You’ll also offer guests only the best bubble tea available. We brew new tea every four hours to keep things fresh, and our corporate headquarters even has a world-renowned quality control lab. Each bubble tea is made from the finest handcrafted ingredients, too. Together, the variety and quality of your bubble tea franchise offerings will keep your guests happy and excited to try another one the next time.

Get Started with a Gong cha Bubble Tea Franchise

Jump into an opportunity of a lifetime with Gong cha. You can rely on our wide variety of authentic yet modern drinks and international presence to help draw guests into your store. Contact us today to learn more about your master and sub franchisee ownership options with Gong cha.