Bubble Tea is a Bona Fide Sensation

Get the Inside Sip

When you think of swinging through a shop for a quick, tasty treat, you probably picture a smoothie, maybe a specialty coffee concoction or even froyo. But there’s another drink on the block rapidly rising in the
ranks—bubble tea.

Bubbles of Fun in Every Cup

Bubble tea brings together the finest tea in the tastiest varieties with amazing add-ins like tapioca pearls or delightful fruit to create a one-of-a-kind drink experience your guests will be clamoring to share with friends, family and social media followers.

In addition to the drink itself, bubble tea encompasses an entire ordering experience. From the moment your guests choose their base tea to when they finally feel the satisfying pop of the straw through the heat-sealed lid, your guests will become instant fans who feel like they’re suddenly in on something truly special—because they are.

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • A Gong cha iced tea in a plastic cup with milk foam and nuts on top.
  • A Gong cha bubble tea in a plastic cup with black tapioca pearls on top and milk at the bottom.
  • Honey Lemon Green Tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea

Variety Makes the Difference

Whether your guests are into classic black tea with milk foam and pearls or want to go wild and toss in some green tea and brown sugar, whatever their taste or willingness to experiment, Gong cha has a drink to satisfy.

  • Purple and Orange bubble and dark bobatea with foam


    Our signature series highlights ten of our most popular options to make it even easier to order the classics.

  • All Gong Cha drink items


    More than 600 possible drink combinations mean guests can always get their favorites or continually try something new.

  • A collage of two Gong Cha drinks


    Seasonal menus boost the excitement year-round with creative options dedicated fans will look forward to.

Ask Your Kids—They’re Probably Already Hooked

Millennial and Gen Z demographic groups want something that tastes delicious and looks great on their social feeds. That’s bubble tea. Younger crowds are driving demand for this Instagrammable treat like nothing else.

Not only do these fans love the taste and overall experience of bubble tea, they’re willing to commit to brands that are just plain better. Gong cha’s products, presentation and presence in the industry put us on a higher level with discerning guests who want more than just a quick caffeine fix.

Hear it from Our Franchisees

The first time I heard about Gong cha was on my honeymoon. I grabbed a pamphlet, came back and started communicating with the team in Taiwan. They’re really honest and have always been supportive to us. All business is about people, and Gong cha has good people.

Cristina Soto
Mexico Master Franchisee

During a trip to Vietnam, I had a gong cha bubble tea. It was the best bubble tea I ever had! I fell in love with Gong cha and I knew I had to bring Gong cha to Calgary.

Michelle Nguyen
Franchisee: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gong cha is the best bubble tea brand out there because of the quality of ingredients we use. We brew our tea and make our bubbles fresh in our stores every four hours. Our customers truly appreciate this when they walk into our stores and smell the aroma of our fresh tea.

Anchal Lamba
U.S. Master Franchisee

We Make Bubble Tea Even Better

A Rising Industry

Gong cha doesn’t just serve up bubble tea—we elevate the entire bubble tea atmosphere. From our early days of innovation when we pioneered the milk foam topping you can now find in every shop to our newest additions like Oreos, we’re always on the cutting edge of what’s possible with bubble tea.

Growth of Gong cha
A Gong cha bubble tea drink with candy stars on the bottom and milk foam on top in a plastic cup.
  • Exceptional ingredients sourced around the world and shipped directly from us
  • Delightful tea brewed every four hours instead of losing flavor in a jug all day long
  • Franchise operators are encouraged to mix and match ingredients to create new local favorites!

Ready to Get in On the Bubble Tea Sensation?