Meet Two Master Franchisees and the CEO at Gong cha

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Gong cha’s master franchise opportunity is an excellent choice for those looking to take advantage of the growing demand for bubble tea and lead the market with the best franchise in the industry. Just like our bubble tea drinks, our master franchisees and CEO are one of a kind.. They know their way around the store and the business model. Keep reading to get to know two of our master franchisees and the CEO of Gong cha in the Americas and Europe and how they got their start.

Meet Anchal Lamba, Drink Franchise Expert

Anchal Lamba first heard of Gong cha when her father came back from a business trip to Hong Kong in 2012 and told her it was the best bubble tea he’d ever tasted. Lamba jumped at the opportunity to join our master franchisee team at Gong cha and opened her first store in Queens, New York, just two years later. Since then, she’s opened stores in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Texas—reaching 76 stores and counting in 2021.

As a master franchisee, Lamba coordinates the training and support of her sub-franchisees, helping them handle supply chain management and distribution. Her sub-franchisees are also partnered with Franchise Representatives, who assist them with store layout, equipment setup, and ongoing operational support.

“We have a dedicated sub-franchisee support system,” Lamba said. “Our relationship is built on open communication from both sides. Our subs can always reach us and we are always in communication with them about new products and best practices for running a Gong cha location.”

Lamba continues to grow her relationships with sub-franchisees, enjoying the moments when their hard work pays off during grand opening and when the Gong cha family gets a new member.

Meet Cristina Soto, Bubble Tea Business Afficionado

Cristina Soto has been a master franchisee since February 2019 when she opened her very first Gong cha store in Guadalajara. After trying the fan favorite bubble tea for herself on her honeymoon in 2017, Soto knew there was a sustainable demand for the drink. She also knew that she could nail down a sizeable customer base in Mexico and jumped into a master franchisee position to bring Gong cha to a new country. Now, Soto is excited to have 12 stores of her own along with fourteen sub-franchised stores.

“My goal in five years is to have 100 stores,” Soto said, noting that several stores are also underway and soon to open. Our team at Gong cha is excited to continue helping Soto drive her franchise future forward and open new locations across Mexico. Along with our corporate marketing strategies, Soto has taken advantage of social media marketing to boost her recognition across the country and bring guests into her stores day after day.

Einar Gustafsson, CEO of Gong cha in the Americas and Europe

After growing a private label supplier of prepared food into a U.K. powerhouse, Einar Gustafsson was ready for his next challenge. After discovering that the bubble tea industry is rapidly expanding and how Gong cha is leading the market, he joined Gong cha’s Boston corporate headquarters to take his place as our new CEO for Gong cha in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Since then, Gustafsson has continued to tout Gong cha’s simple store operations and authentic roots and is helping incorporate even more franchise benefits for owners like you into Gong cha’s business model.

“The setup is quite simple: a couple of hot plates to cook the tapioca, tea pots, ice, a small refrigerator,” he explained. “And virtually all of our ingredients have a long shelf life—there’s very little waste.” Altogether, our premium ingredients and 600+ drink combinations have been key in Gustafsson’s work in growing our Gong cha presence throughout numerous countries and bringing delicious drinks to guests everywhere.

Become a Master Franchisee of a Drink Franchise

Excited about our master franchisees and CEO and ready to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity for yourself? Our team at Gong cha is excited to hear from you! Get in touch with us to see what your franchise future can look like with us.

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