A table with two hands presenting a tea drink in a glass with milk foam and cinnamon on top.

Premium Products Make a Difference for Your Bubble Tea Franchise

When you own a Gong cha bubble tea franchise, you’ll enjoy many benefits that help your business stand out from others in the tea franchise space. Of all the outstanding benefits that make Gong cha a leader in bubble tea, including our internationally recognized name and training from industry experts, one aspect of our model especially stands out—our premium product.

Your Bubble Tea Franchise Will Serve the Best

Gong cha’s bubble tea reigns supreme in the fast-growing bubble tea franchise segment. As one of the originators of the bubble tea franchise phenomenon, we have years of experience crafting the finest bubble tea the market has ever seen.

Franchising with Gong cha means taking full advantage of our experience to deliver consistent quality to your guests. From the start, your guests will notice that quality, they’ll return to your bubble tea franchise again and again and they’ll be excited to tell their friends.

Sourcing Ingredients for Your Bubble Tea Franchise

The premium quality of our products starts at the source. Our team of tea masters travel throughout the world to source only the highest quality ingredients for our tea franchises. They work with the top tea estates in Asia and ensure every ounce of tea we serve is up to the high standards for which Gong cha is known.

You’ll receive your premium ingredients through our well-established supply chain, so you’ll never need to spend excessive time sourcing or waiting on reorders. Along with our in-house quality control lab at our corporate headquarters in Taiwan, our sourcing and supply chain procedures ensure the quality your guests care about will always be found at your Gong cha bubble tea franchise location.

Options for Your Bubble Tea Franchise Guests

Our large, customizable menu shouts “premium” from top to bottom is. With more than 600 possible drink combinations, your guests will have the opportunity to enjoy exactly the drink they desire and try something new on their next trip.

Guests get to choose their base tea, drop in their favorite sugar and add-ins, then top it all off with our signature milk foam. They’ll be excited for every trip to your Gong cha bubble tea franchise location and be eager to show their friends on social media their latest creation.

Bubble Tea is an Experience

It’s not just our products that are premium, our entire experience is, as well. Gong cha bubble tea franchises have well-designed interiors with artful décor which makes guests feel right at home. Even the experience of plunging a straw through our heat-sealed lids is a delight. For fans of bubble tea, and our bubble tea franchise owners, a premium experience at every turn is all a part of the Gong cha franchise model.

Own a Gong cha Bubble Tea Franchise

Offing a premium product that stands out in the industry, and an experience that keeps guests coming back for more, can be part of your next business venture when you own a Gong cha bubble tea franchise. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can bring the premium quality of Gong cha to your market.