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Bubble Tea Franchise

Gain from Our History and Authenticity

Gong cha got our start in Taiwan where we helped spark the first bubble tea boom in 2006. We’re still known as innovators in the industry, having pioneered the milk foam phenomenon and established ourselves as the natural leader in this growing segment. When it comes to owning a QSR brand with experience and staying power, Gong cha is several steps ahead of the rest.

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Give Your Guests a Better Bubble Tea

Of all the exciting aspects that make Gong cha stand out, the most prominent is our premium product—and our guests can tell the difference. They taste the quality every time they take a sip and they promote the experience every time they share it across social media—which is a lot!

Join a Fast-Growing
Beverage Segment

Bubble tea is the wave of the future. Guests can’t get enough of this delicious, customizable treat. You’ll be able to satisfy the sensational demand for this exciting product thanks to Gong cha’s strong position in the industry.

Currently, bubble tea is a $2 billion industry worldwide, and that’s expected to grow to $4.3 billion by 2027.* Now is the time to get in on the fun with a premium bubble tea franchise—Gong cha.

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Projected Bubble Tea Market

$4.3 Billion*

All the Benefits in Your Hands

When you franchise with Gong cha, you’ll receive industry-leading benefits designed to help you achieve your maximum potential. For you and your guests, the Gong cha franchise system provides a premium experience with boundless benefits.

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    Premium Ingredients

    Our tea masters source your ingredients for you from the finest tea estates in Asia. You’ll craft a premium, delicious bubble tea thanks to Gong cha’s tradition of top-quality ingredients and commitment to brewing our tea every 4 hours.

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    Simple Operations

    Operating a Gong cha franchise is easier than you might think. Our established processes for production, store operations and guest engagement make it a breeze to run your franchise and grow your business. It's one more way Gong cha stands out.

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    Multi-Faceted Support

    You’ll receive comprehensive training and ongoing assistance from your local master franchisee. Gong cha has developed a tried and true franchise system that supports you from every angle.

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    Emerging Industry

    Bubble tea is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the world. With Gong cha, you can take the lead and benefit from a business model that works as well on the global stage as it does in your hometown.

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    Established Supply Chain

    You’ll never need to wonder where to source your supplies. Your franchise will receive regular shipments from your master franchisee, so you can rest assured you always have adequate supplies to satisfy every guest who comes through your door.

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    Appealing Products

    Our customizable menu allows for more than 600 possible drink combinations, giving guests more reasons to return. You can even create your own drink sensations to satisfy your local crowd!

Hear it From a Master

The first time I heard about Gong cha was on my honeymoon. I grabbed a pamphlet, came back and started communicating with the team in Taiwan. They’re really honest and have always been supportive to us. All business is about people, and Gong cha has good people.

Cristina Soto
Mexico Master Franchisee

Gong cha as a franchise model provides great support with one-stop-shop inventory ordering, new seasonal ingredients that are both innovative and delicious and ongoing operational support.

Gong cha is already a well-recognized bubble tea franchise internationally, and now is the chance to become part of a franchise that’s rapidly growing here in the U.S.

Anchal Lamba
U.S. Master Franchisee

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