Your Gong cha

Appealing Stores Draw Attention

Your Gong cha stores will have a sleek, clean appearance that stands out from your mom-and-pop competitors. A mix of traditional accents and modern touches will get your stores noticed among discerning guests who want a premium experience.

Your Stores Will Include:

  • Flexible layouts ideal for in-store or grab-and-go customers
  • Prep stations which include tea brewing equipment and timers to remind staff when to refresh
  • Signage promoting signature series and specialty drinks giving guests more ideas for their next new favorite
  • Detailed menus and ordering instructions to help first timers get the hang of the experience

Flexible Footprints for Your Fans

Interior of a Gong cha bubble tea franchise with tables and chairs and a world map on the wall.
Interior of a Gong cha bubble tea franchise with wooden tables and chairs and a world map on the wall.
Interior of a Gong cha bubble tea franchise with wood tables, metal stools and flower vases on the tables.
A plaque on a wall that says "Gong cha" with the red Gong cha logo and has two plants on the wall next to it.
Interior of Gong cha franchise location with a chalkboard wall with images of tea-making process drawn on it.
A white brick wall with the red Gong cha logo hanging on it and tables with chairs in front.

Your Gong cha store can feel at home in the cute corner spot downtown, in the strip mall with the strong anchor store, on the local University campus or just about anywhere else people enjoy delicious drinks and cheerful company.

Whether you want a kiosk inside an established location, or a traditional shop surrounded by complementary businesses, Gong cha has the flexibility to fit where your guests can find you.

Qualities to Look for in Your Locations

  • High foot traffic to draw in guests
  • Close proximity to other QSR concepts, schools, anchor stores and places where people gather

Opportunities for Your Gong cha Stores

  • Malls
  • University campuses
  • Shopping centers
  • Airports
  • Tourist destinations
  • Event centers
  • Downtown/urban locations

Getting You Up and Running

Your local master franchisee will be by your side throughout the entire store setup process. From site selection assistance to minimal required buildout and size requirements of 800+ square feet, franchising with Gong cha can be a simple yet extraordinary way to own an exciting business.

Are You Ready to
Own a Gong cha Store?