Two tea drinks

The Rise of
Beverage Royalty

Starting with Strong Roots

Gong cha got its start as part of the bubble tea explosion of the early 2000s. We helped originate some of the strongest innovations and we’ve maintained a consistent commitment to quality from day one. We’ve leveraged that legacy to become a leader in the global bubble tea industry, serving premium bubble tea with tradition and authenticity in mind.

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Growing Around
the Globe

Today, Gong cha has expanded into 21 countries and grown to more than 1,900 locations—and we’re not slowing down any time soon! As bubble tea quickly becomes the go-to drink for younger demographic groups, Gong cha will continue to lead through innovation, authenticity and dedication to guest satisfaction.

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Positioned as a Premium Brand

Gong cha guests have come to expect a better bubble tea experience. From our premium teas sourced from the finest tea estates in Asia to our commitment to satisfaction, guests associate Gong cha with a higher quality, more authentic bubble tea.

Our stores brew tea every four hours and our corporate HQ houses a world-renowned quality control lab. Your guests will flock to your stores—and share images of their experiences all over their social media—because they’ll see, feel and taste the difference your Gong cha delivers.

Yellow Gong Cha drink

Innovating from
the Very Start

Gong cha started out by pioneering the popular milk foam tea, and we’ve been industry innovators ever since. From seasonal menus that give your guests new reasons to swing by to our signature series that showcases our fan favorites, Gong cha is always eager to push the boundaries to consistently produce a premium bubble tea.

New Gong Cha store

Taking on a Fragmented Industry

Much of the existing bubble tea industry consists of mom-and-pop locations that just can’t match the international system of Gong cha or smaller franchises that don’t have the same claim to fame we enjoy. For you, that translates to a prime opportunity.

Gong cha is set to dominate the bubble tea segment like no one else. We have the global supply chain you need to thrive, and the premium products guests crave. All it takes is entrepreneurs ready to become business leaders in their communities.

Ready to Lead
with Gong cha?