3 Ways Gong cha Stands Out in the Bubble Tea Industry

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As bubble tea continues to gain popularity across the world, Gong cha consistently stands out in the industry and in the hearts and minds of our customers in every new market we enter. We make it our goal to always bring the best bubble tea products to each new city, and we’re happy to see our name and bubble tea franchises in more places each year. So, what makes Gong cha the leading tea franchise? With our exceptionally sourced ingredients, authentic taste, and customizable drink combinations, we keep the tea flowing and customers smiling drink after drink.

Premium Ingredients for Your Tea Franchise

Gong cha has quickly established itself as the leading bubble tea franchise in the world by using high quality, premium ingredients. We take pride in our exceptionally sourced products because they make us who we are. Our bubble tea drinks are known for their quality ingredients that create a premium taste like no other—which is why we always source our teas from the finest tea estates across Asia and other parts of the world.

Gong cha even has a world-renowned quality control lab at our headquarters where we test and taste our ingredients to ensure they’re the best possible quality. Our customers notice the difference, too. As a tea franchise owner, you will have customers coming back drink after drink because they love the taste of the premium ingredients in our bubble tea.

Authentic Taste in Every Drink

At Gong cha, we like to keep our bubble tea franchise grounded in the rich history of bubble tea while also celebrating our established stores that are full of happy customers and delicious new teas. Our roots as a franchise started in the early 2000s, but bubble tea has a legacy that’s even longer. The history of bubble tea originates in Taiwan and has since spread across the world thanks to Gong cha’s desire to bring premium drinks to new markets.

Our team honors bubble tea’s longstanding history and tradition by passing along the authentic taste in every drink. We want every customer who visits your tea franchise to experience the authenticity of bubble tea—and for your franchise team to be proud of what they’re bringing to their city.

Customizable Drinks at Your Bubble Tea Franchise

While bubble tea has deep roots, milk foam tea was pioneered by Gong cha. We’re excited to be the ones to help spread its fame across so many countries and bring a new, delicious take on the original bubble tea to our customers. We’ve taken this innovative side of Gong cha and made it possible to create over six hundred different drink combinations. As a bubble tea franchise owner, you’ll be able to offer every single one to your dedicated customers as they keep coming back to try a new combo.

Open a Tea Franchise of Your Own

Ready to learn more about what makes Gong cha stand out in the bubble tea industry? Contact our team today to learn how you can access the premium ingredients, authentic taste, and customizable drinks as a bubble tea franchise owner with Gong cha.

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