3 Ways to Attract More Customers to a Bubble Tea Franchise

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When looking for the right drink franchise to own, it’s important to keep in mind what strengths they have that’ll help you bring in more guests. A bubble tea franchise like Gong cha is ideal because we already have several established features to make this process easier: a dedicated customer base, drink variety and customization, and store accessibility and proximity to other stores. What makes these so imperative to attracting more guests? Continue reading to find out.

Customers Dedicated to Your Drink Franchise

Getting started with franchising can be intimidating—there are certainly many factors to consider. Your customer base, however, shouldn’t have to be one of them. Your franchise of choice should be full of guests who are excited about the brand, tell their friends about it, and are sharing it on social media. This will help make it a breeze for you to continue gaining guests and keep your franchise name prominent in the community.

At Gong cha, our premium drinks and colorful combinations have attracted a strong following of guests worldwide—and they’re more than happy to keep coming back. As a franchisee with us, you can capitalize on an established and widespread customer base that’s excited for new stores to pop up on every corner. They’ll help get the word out about your location and make it a regular drink stop in no time.

Drink Variety and Customization

Having an already established customer base is important and keeping them interested is just as necessary. A preferred bubble tea franchise will provide its franchisees with an on-trend menu that offers a large variety of drinks. That way, you can keep your guests’ attention and encourage them to return again and again to try every flavor.

Gong cha has over six hundred different possible drink combinations. As a leader in bubble tea, it’s no surprise that our drink variety is so extensive. It’s one of the big reasons that we have such a devoted fanbase and why your Gong cha bubble tea franchise can rely on repeat business. We’ll teach you how to mix up the best premium drinks your guests crave, so your guests can come back again and again.

Store Accessibility of Your Drink Franchise

The final key aspect to keep in mind when looking into bubble tea franchises is where your store will be built and how the brand supports the process. It’s helpful to have guidance when selecting the right spot, and you may also want to investigate its proximity to anchor stores. If your drink franchise is in a bustling part of town, for example, it’s easier to bring in guests that are visiting nearby stores. And, as a premium bubble tea franchise, your store can even draw in guests as a destination all its own.

Gong cha is here to help you find the perfect location for your bubble tea franchise. We’ll help navigate potential territories, find the right spot, and design your build according to our brand standards. That way, anyone walking down your street will recognize your name and be excited to try your new bubble tea drinks, and regulars will always know exactly where to find you. Together, we’ll help boost your franchise growth by maximizing your store accessibility.

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