What Does It Take To Own a Bubble Tea Franchise?

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At Gong cha, we take great pride in everything we do and understand the importance of quality. Likewise, our franchisees are committed to service and are passionate about the premium products we provide. They know that being part of the Gong cha brand is all about standing out and having the drive to build a thriving bubble tea franchise in a rapidly growing industry. Keep on reading to find out more about what it takes to become a Gong cha franchisee.


When you become a franchisee with Gong cha, you’ll be in the company of other elite owners who are all driven to lead and want to deliver an incredible experience to their guests. Having strong leadership skills is important if you want to become a premier player in the bubble tea industry and a trait our franchisees all have in common. To ensure you’re working with the best possible team, Gong cha will provide the resources you need to recruit and train your employees, so you can lead them with confidence.


Our franchisees recognize the opportunities Gong cha provides as a premium bubble tea brand and are prepared to take advantage of everything we have to offer, so they can get noticed in their markets. From our standardized supply chain to our simple and proven operations, our franchisees have everything they need to pursue the opportunities our drink franchise provides, so they can fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.


Gong cha sources only the finest tea because we believe in serving our guests an unforgettable experience. Those who franchise with us are just as committed to their guests and are passionate about their mission to serve tasty, refreshing drinks. To help franchisees like you fulfill this commitment, Gong cha will provide expert training materials, ongoing support, and incredible products that are designed to last without the need for extensive refrigeration or other cumbersome equipment. With all the resources and guidance our team provides, you can focus your attention on your key concern – your guests.


The bubble tea industry is growing and Gong cha is at the forefront of it with a wide variety of premium drinks to choose from. It’s important for our franchisees to be excited about expanding with us and to make the most of our global appeal. We want to grow with our franchisees and continue leading the way as innovators in the bubble tea space.


If you think you have what it takes to own a bubble tea franchise with Gong cha and you’re passionate about becoming part of our premium brand, don’t hesitate to take your first step in this process. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about this opportunity and tell us more about your business goals. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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