What Gong Cha Looks for in a Master Franchisee

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As a prospective franchisee, it’s important to find a brand and model that not only supports your financial ambitions but aligns well with your personal interests and passions. For entrepreneurs looking to gain a more valuable position in a fast-growing segment of the specialty beverage industry, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Enter in at a higher level – as a Gong cha master franchisee.


Master franchising is a step above the traditional franchisor-franchisee relationship. Master franchisors are often seasoned entrepreneurs with enterprise-level experience looking to diversify their portfolios.

Among other qualities, experience in franchising or with a top-tier QSR is desirable, but not essential. Strong operational skills, sales, and marketing are vital as Master Franchisees train their franchisees and manage their own unit economics.

 A Gong cha Master Franchisee should also possess the financial resources to develop, support, and sustain a large territory, typically across multiple states. Estimated initial investments range from $159,200 to $573,300 per single unit with small, mid, and large market options for Master franchisees.


Capital and business skills are only part of the equation. Unlike other more traditional franchise concepts or more classic brands, becoming a Master Franchisee with Gong cha requires something a little closer to the spirit.

Chief Development Officer, Andrew Sternburg put it simply, “a Gong cha franchisee only needs a small amount of capital but a large amount of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.” At Gong cha, we take great pride in everything we do. Our Master Franchisees are committed to the same level of authenticity and are passionate about the premium products and services we provide.


Anchal Lamba, shares her pride in overseeing 115+ locations and growing her portfolio to become the largest Gong cha U.S. Master Franchisee.  “I love the brand and believe in it,” says Lamba. “I take everything to heart and really want each franchisee to succeed. It’s special working with first-time franchisees because we get to guide and educate them into this new venture.” Lamba is poised to hit the 200-store mark in 2024 and contributes her growth to franchisees opening multiple locations over a few short years.


Gong cha is expanding across markets across the globe. Ranked #1 in the Tea Category by Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500® for two years in a row, we are positioned as the definitive lead in the bubble tea industry. With a projected market of $4.3 Billion by 2027 the demand for bubble tea is only growing.

Ready to lead the beverage revolution? Fill out our short form to receive the Master Franchisee Brochure and get started. Gong cha has opportunities for master franchisees in prime locations. View available territories in the US and across the globe.

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