What Makes Bubble Tea Attractive to Younger Customers

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Bubble tea has been a well-loved drink in Asian culture for decades. Gong cha has led the movement of bubble tea from Asia into the United States, establishing it as a favorite among millennials and gen z demographic groups for over ten years. What makes Gong cha’s bubble tea so popular that it has overcome the fads and become a longstanding staple across the world? Continue reading to discover why our franchisees see repeat visits from younger generations.

A Bubble Tea Business for the Younger Crowd

Bubble tea isn’t leaving anytime soon. It has continued to grow in popularity, starting first in Taiwan before making its way all across the United States. As Gong cha stores expand across the country, we’ve seen an equally steady rise in interest from millennials and gen z demographic groups. Our franchisees are happy to report younger guests are coming back again and again for their bubble tea drinks.

The Perfect Social Media Post at Your Tea Franchise

At Gong cha, we have over six hundred different possible drink combinations that our guests can choose from. Our millennial and gen z guests in particular gravitate toward the aesthetically pleasing teas, bright tapioca pearls, and branded cups. Why? Not only do our bubble teas taste delicious, but they look fantastic. Our beautiful concoctions make for eye-catching social media content. Your guests can snap a shot of their drinks in front of your Gong cha store sign, with their friends, or at the table. They can add an Instagram story of them popping the straw through the seal or create a stylized clip for their TikTok video, helping your Gong cha location show up on potential customers’ feeds in no time.

Your Tea Franchise is the Place to Go

At Gong cha, we see business in the morning, and we also see it during the afternoon and evening. Our loyal guests find our bubble tea businesses to be the perfect spots to grab a tea and catch up with friends before and after work and even during lunch. They love to take a break and enjoy delicious teas while chatting with others. Thanks to our beautiful stores and premium drinks, millennials and gen z guests can visit your Gong cha store during several key dayparts.

Affordable Price Points for Everyone

When it comes to bubble tea, many millennials and gen z guests have already set aside their funds for regular Gong cha trips. Our affordable price points help draw in the younger generations and ensure that they can come back for another tea soon. They’re also attracted to our premium products and recognizable brand because they know they’ll get quality ingredients each time they buy a bubble tea. With Gong cha, you can hit the market just right by landing within the budgets of your younger guests, while still providing a premium product they appreciate.

Reach Younger Generations with a Bubble Tea Business

Gong cha continues to grow in popularity with younger generations—thanks to our beautiful bubble teas that’re worthy of social media, the social atmosphere of our easily accessible stores, and affordable yet premium products. Ready to market to the millennials and gen z guests in your territory? Contact our Gong cha team today to learn how you can get started.

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