What Makes Gong Cha a Premium Brand?

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Guests have come to know Gong cha as a premium brand and expect an exceptional bubble tea experience when they visit any of our locations. Our drink franchise is not only known for using the finest teas and higher quality flavors, but we’re also known for being industry innovators, and continue to push boundaries to dazzle the tastebuds of our loyal customer base. Keep on reading to learn more about what makes Gong cha a premium brand in the bubble tea industry and why you should join us as a franchisee.


At Gong cha, we source all of our signature teas from the best tea estates in Asia rather than using pre-mixed powders. Guests will be able to taste the freshness of the premium ingredients used in your products and will keep coming back for more of the authentic tea-drinking experience the Gong cha brand is known for.

With in-house quality controls at our headquarters, our drink franchise ensures every ingredient our franchisees receive meet our strict quality standards. We take our position as a premium brand in the bubble tea industry seriously and want your guests to taste the difference when they visit your location.


Gong cha is about more than simply using the freshest premium ingredients – we’re also innovators in the bubble tea industry! We were the first to add milk foam to bubble tea and have continued to create new combinations of ingredients, including our signature series and seasonal menus, giving guests something new to look forward to whenever they visit one of our locations. If they’re craving something a little different or want to experiment, guests can also create their own unique combinations by customizing the drink of their choosing. We know that variety makes the difference and, with all the options your bubble tea business can provide, your guests will never run out of drinks to try.


In Chinese, our name translates to “providing the highest quality tea to an Emperor” and it’s a meaning we take to heart and seek to exact in all of our locations. We like to say that our tea is fit for royalty and believe that quality comes first in everything we do. When you join our bubble tea business, we’ll provide the resources and tools you need to serve up the best products and make an impression your guests won’t forget.


Gong cha stands out in the bubble tea industry as a premium brand, giving our franchisees an advantage. If you believe that quality comes first and are passionate about our concept, we want to hear from you and learn more about your business goals. Schedule a call with our team today to request more information about owning a business with us, so you can get started on opening a premium drink franchise.

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