Photo of Gong cha bubble tea franchise store front with black tables and chairs.

Which Gong cha Bubble Tea Franchise Opportunity is Right for You?

Rather than fitting the franchisee to the opportunity, at Gong cha we strive to fit the opportunity to the franchisee. That’s why we provide the freedom to operate either a Master Franchise or Sub-Franchise. Much like our premium and fully customizable products, we believe that our franchisees should be able to select the right path for themselves instead of compromising on their financial and career goals. 

What differentiates the Master Franchise opportunity from the Sub-Franchise opportunity, and which one is more suitable and advantageous for you? Find out what makes each business model stand out and how to get started. 

Drive the Bubble Tea Franchise Market with Master Franchise Opportunities 

If you are looking for a way to lead the market in your area and take advantage of the growing demand for premium and authentic bubble tea, the Master Franchise opportunity is the appropriate choice for you. Command the field by managing all Gong cha franchise locations in your territory. In an industry expected to rise to a projected $4.3 billion in 20271, Gong cha has already reached over 1,300 locations worldwide; Master Franchising is a great way to continue our expansion into untapped markets.

Stand Out in Your Community with Sub-Franchise Opportunities 

For those seeking to join an elite lineup of bubble tea franchise business owners, Gong cha also offers a Sub-Franchising opportunity; this is a great path for community leaders who are devoted to their guests, committed to serving premium bubble tea, and ready to join Gong cha on the journey to new growth. 

You can get started with just one or two franchises by taking advantage of a long-standing business model; with comprehensive training and support from Master Franchisees, Gong cha also makes it easy to join an ongoing network of motivated business owners. You also benefit from strong, rewarding relationships with guests who value premium bubble tea with over 600 customizable combinations. Bring the authenticity of Gong cha into your community with the Sub-Franchise opportunity. 

Photo of Gong cha sign on white brick ball with black and wood tables and chairs.

Set Yourself Apart with Franchising and Product Options at Gong cha 

Like its premium and specialized products, at Gong cha we seek top-of-the-line market and community leaders with a drive to expand into new territories and continue innovating. Both business models at Gong cha set us apart from other bubble tea franchises because we work to align with your entrepreneurial goals. We are with you every step of the way—from an established supply chain and streamlined operations to promoting your business and engaging with guests. 

Whether you own the Master Franchise or Sub-Franchise opportunity, Gong cha is ready and waiting with key benefits and strategies for your franchise. Find out more about Gong cha bubble tea franchise models today. 

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