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Why Bubble Tea Franchising is Desirable at Any Age

Business ownership has been and always will be a dream for many. From grandparents to parents to children, each generation has taken to running their own stores and creating a legacy and financial independence for themselves.

Now more than ever, franchises are attracting owners of all ages—especially as markets like bubble tea continue to rapidly expand. Find out what makes bubble tea franchising with Gong cha attractive to prospective owners of all ages.

Millennials and Gen Z

Recently, millennials and Gen Z have becoming increasingly interested in franchising opportunities. As seen in recent years, the incoming or recent workforce tends to shift careers every several years—in contrast to previous generational trends. They’re increasingly looking for something that keeps them satisfied, always learning and meeting their desire to work on new teams toward a tangible goal.

Tea Franchise Opportunities for Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials and Gen Z already have a leg up in bubble tea franchise networking. With the growing interest in this dynamic drink, you’ll connect easily with our key demographic groups and capitalize on your social media strategies. With personal and professional experience in curating attention-grabbing social feeds, your Gong cha bubble tea franchise will have a head start with advertising your location and serving customers of all ages. And who knows—perhaps you even enjoy bubble tea yourself and can use that passion to your own advantage as a Gong cha franchisee.

Gen X and Baby Boomers

For many Gen X and baby boomer workforce members, there’s a strong desire to launch and run a business. After working for other companies, they’re ready to put their financial resources toward something of their very own. They tend to be more financially stable than other generations and have substantial experience in business operations and marketing. Franchising also provides Gen X and baby boomers a way to create a legacy for themselves.

Tea Franchise Opportunities for Gen X and Baby Boomers

For the generations that are ready to build their own powerful franchising career or diversify their existing portfolios, Gong cha is a great way to delve into that dream. We offer master franchise opportunities in which the market is yours for the taking. You may have a strong interest in the internal workings of a business, and overseeing several locations as a master franchisee could suit your lifestyle well.

A Bubble Tea Franchise for Any Age

Whether you’re just starting out in franchising or have been at it for decades, Gong cha is excited to get your bubble tea franchise rolling. Reach out and learn more about our bubble tea franchise opportunities today.