Why Bubble Tea Is Here to Stay as a Franchise Opportunity

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Drink trends may come and go, but bubble tea is here to stay. After decades of popularity in global markets and years of continually rising interest in the United States, bubble tea has solidified its place as a favorite drink among diverse consumers. Gong cha continues to lead this lasting market and bring our premium products to bubble tea lovers around the world. How do we do it? With customizable menu options and premium drinks worthy of social media, we’ve created a bubble tea business with some sweet staying power.

Customizable & Innovative Drink Menu

From sweetness levels to extra add-ins, bubble tea is a drink that everyone gets to customize. And at Gong cha, the sky is your limit. With over six hundred possible combinations, guests can stop in to try something they’ve never had before. When picking out their bubble tea, guests get to choose the ice level, sweetness level, milk type, and even a variety of delicious toppings. They even have options for lactose-intolerant and plant-based tea drinkers, so there’s always something for everyone in the friend group.

Thanks to a premium, fully customizable and extensive menu, Gong cha and our franchisees always have something new for guests to try. As a franchisee with our bubble tea business, don’t be surprised to see repeat guests as they come back again and again to make new, delicious drinks.

The Social Atmosphere of a Drinks Franchise

Coffee shops have always been known for being hubs for people to get together and chat over a caffeinated drink or two. Gong cha and bubble tea are taking this social atmosphere to the next level. Our guests love each Gong cha location because they can go with friends after work or class to enjoy a customized drink and catch up. We’re always there as a pre-road-trip drink stop or for post-lunch plans, making our concoctions a staple in our guests’ everyday routines. Gong cha is an epicenter for all things social media, too—what makes a better Instagram story than a taro tea teeming with heart jelly?

Our premium and delicious products make the perfect social media post, which helps our franchisees continue to spread the word about their locations and keep business booming. There’s certainly no trend here—we’ve simply got enough followers in ours stores who continue propelling the bubble tea industry forward year after year.

Own a Bubble Tea Business

Since bubble tea is here to stay, now is the best time for you to own a bubble tea business with Gong cha. We’ll help you get in business with the tastiest premium products on the market and keep your guests happy year after year and trend after trend. Contact us today to learn what franchise opportunities we have available for you and how you can capitalize on a market and franchise with staying power.

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