Photo of red and white Gong cha shop exterior with black outdoor tables and chairs

Why Location is Everything for a Bubble Tea Franchise

Location is everything. When diving into a franchise ownership, it’s important to scope out an ideal place to build your bubble tea franchise. You need to consider several location-related factors, when selecting your franchise, too. Will they have a large target market wherever you build, and are their shop footprints flexible enough to adapt to your desired location? Can you grow your franchise from one location to many?

At Gong cha, we’ve already thought of those things for you and included them into our business model, training, and support. This way, you can build your Gong cha franchise wherever you want. Find out how we help you expertly hit each location must and what you can do to get involved.

Access Strong Target Markets

When selecting a build site for your tea franchise, always keep in mind what is in the surrounding area. Will your shop be in an area that is full of businesses, or is it on a more secluded side street? It’s important to own a bubble tea franchise that caters to a strong target market and has a premium brand reputation, so no matter where you build there is a constant flow of foot traffic in and out of your shop.

With Gong cha, we’ll help you take the lead in key territories. Whether you prefer to build downtown among the skyscrapers or across the street of a state university, we’ll help you tap into the customers of that area. Our key demographic groups include Gen Z and Millennials, which helps you access a younger consumer base for lifelong brand loyalty and generate word-of-mouth marketing from their own social media feeds. We’ll train you on everything you need to know about connecting with the younger generations at your Gong cha location.

Offer Flexible Shop Footprints

Bubble tea franchises need to be flexible in their shop footprints because they should be where the people are—and sometimes that may be large or small places. For instance, owning a tea franchise at an airport is an excellent way to access constant foot traffic every day, but the shop needs to accommodate the lack of space.

We understand this need for flexible footprints at Gong cha. When you own a bubble tea franchise with us, we want you to access as many guests as you can. We’ll help you figure out what your location needs—whether it be a kiosk in a tightly packed, high traffic space or a traditional shop in the center of town. Your store will also offer what your customers need, like grab-and-go options and in-store seating. With Gong cha, you’ll be able to go where your guests are, and we’ll help make your shop work for the location.

Grow Your Locations

Owning a bubble tea franchise is a rewarding business. You finally have a shop of your own and are making your guests’ day a little better with each bubble tea you offer. You may even find yourself interested in more locations than just one. Because of this, you should always seek out a tea franchise that can offer you the ability to expand to new locations and own more shops. It’s equally important to find a bubble tea franchise that helps you learn the ropes on how to do it—so you’re confident in the expansion.

Gong cha has you covered. Whether you’re interested in owning multiple shops right away or are ready to take on one for now, we’ll help you get started.

Get Started with a Bubble Tea Franchise

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