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Why Now is the Best Time to Own a Bubble Tea Franchise

With so many different franchises popping up on nearby street corners and as creative website ads, choosing the right one for you can definitely be a little overwhelming. How do you decide which ones are worth your time and energy and which just aren’t the right fit?

No matter what your interests are, always look for a franchise opportunity that taps into a growing market. Investing in a franchise whose customer base is rapidly depleting certainly isn’t fun for anyone. Keep an eye out for franchises with in-demand and well-loved products, too, so the marketing and sales processes are much easier.

At Gong cha, our bubble tea franchise capitalizes on a fast-growing industry with a large customer base and offers premium products to help maintain and generate new growth. Find out how these can help give you an edge in the tea franchise world.

Reliable Growth in Bubble Tea Franchises

A great first step to choosing the right franchise for you is finding a market with lots of potential. Take some time to discover what products are booming and whether they’re here to stay or are a fast fad. Once you start to narrow down your options, you’ll find the right franchise for you.

Bubble tea is a very popular drink right now, and it keeps gaining more and more attention. At Gong cha, we’ve already cornered the market in the United States and elsewhere in the world. After the bubble tea explosion nearly twenty years ago, Gong cha had been at the forefront of the industry. We’re now at over 1,500 locations with no plans to slow down. You can help push the boundaries of bubble tea franchises by expanding with us into new territories and opportunities.

Your Bubble Tea Franchise Customers

Your franchise options may seem broad and difficult to narrow down right now, especially because there is a seemingly endless supply of opportunities out there. But customers are finite, so how do you find a franchise whose customer base is constantly on the rise?

Tap into a generation who does some of the marketing for you, like Gonga cha is doing. The millennial and Gen Z demographic groups are head over heels for bubble tea and can help your franchise market for free. How? Take a look at their social media feeds; at Gong cha, we make delicious drinks that they simply cannot wait to show off! We tap into generations that appreciate great bubble tea and premium, Instagram-worthy products.

Premium Products from Your Bubble Tea Franchise

Today, products are always readily available and therefore must be branded and manufactured to the highest quality. As you continue your search for a franchise, consider what goes into a given franchise’s products or services and how its customers react to them; are they excited about the final product, or is something lacking? What are they doing or creating that makes them desirable?

Gong cha prides itself on premium products—such as the finest imported tea for an optimal sipping experience. Younger customers are excited to jump in and take popular Instagram or Facebook photos. Becomes a franchise owner with Gong cha, and you’ll gain key access to top notch products for bubble tea.

Get Started with a Bubble Tea Franchise

Ready to own a bubble tea franchise? Benefit from reliable customer growth, demographics, and premium products at Gong cha. Contact us today to learn more on how you can get started.