Interior of a Gong cha bubble tea franchise in Texas with tall tables and flower décor on tables.

Why You Should Own a Gong cha Bubble Tea Franchise

When you’re searching for a QSR franchise, many different opportunities pop up. We’re here to tell you there’s one particular opportunity you should really pay attention to—bubble tea. Bubble tea franchises are making a huge splash in the QSR franchise world, and Gong cha is proud to be leading the charge.

To show you just what we mean when we say a bubble tea franchise is an outstanding opportunity, here are a few of the reasons we think you should own a Gong cha bubble tea franchise.

Premium Product

Gong cha bubble tea franchises offer premium teas expertly sourced from around the world. Our products stand out with guests for their quality, and that keeps guests coming back to Gong cha again and again.

Not only is bubble tea a premium product, it’s also highly customizable. Gong cha bubble tea franchises have more than 600 possible drink combinations, giving guests plenty of opportunities to mix and match and find their favorites.

Growing Demand

Bubble tea is not only delicious and high in quality, it’s also rapidly growing in popularity, especially amongst younger demographic groups. Millennials and Gen Z are enjoying this popular treat in record numbers, and that means a great deal of opportunity for owners of bubble tea franchises.

At Gong cha, we know how to benefit from the fast-growing demand for bubble tea throughout markets around the world, and we help our franchisees maximize their efforts when it comes to marketing to key demographic groups. Owning a Gong cha bubble tea franchise means getting in on the next big thing in beverages and enjoying all the benefits that brings.

Global Appeal

Bubble tea got its start in Taiwan, which is also the home of Gong cha. We were one of the originators of the bubble tea phenomenon and we’re still leading the bubble tea franchise industry to this day.

In markets throughout the world, including prime markets in major U.S. territories, bubble tea is quickly becoming the go-do beverage for discerning guests. Gong cha can help you take full advantage of the worldwide demand for this delicious drink.

Simple Operations

Operating a bubble tea franchise is easier than you may think. Unlike other QSR franchises which require extensive buildouts and complicated equipment, a Gong cha bubble tea franchise requires relatively little floor space and no large cooking tools. We also have an established supply chain, and we source premium ingredients for our franchisees.

When you own a Gong cha bubble tea franchise, you’ll enjoy clear processes for production, operations and guest engagement. You’ll also have continuous support from every level of the Gong cha franchise family. We believe bubble tea should be about enjoyment, not overly complicated operations, so we make it as simple as possible for you to manage your bubble tea franchise.

Available Territory

Bubble tea is quickly capturing market share from other quick service beverages like coffee and smoothies, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to stake their claim in this fast-growing field.

Gong cha has opportunities available for eager entrepreneurs to make the most of the premium product, growing demand and global appeal of bubble tea. Thanks to our simple operations and ongoing support, you can create the bubble tea franchise of your dreams more easily than you ever imagined.